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Conchiglioni with zucchinis and fondue

 We think that cheese and vegetables are perfect together, especially with pasta. This recipe is very original and easy. The most beautiful thing is that when you bit the first piece of pasta you can't stop doing it because the taste enchants you...

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Difficult: low
Preparation time: 20 minutes

320 g of conchiglioni;
500 g of béchamel;
100 g of Grana padano;
2 zucchinis.

Cut the zucchinis in small slices, put them in a pan with some oil and salt. Cook until they result soft (1). Grate the Grana (2) and put it in another pan with the béchamel; cook for some minutes. Cook the conchiglioni. Mix the zucchinis with the fondue (Grana with béchamel) (3) and add the pasta.

If the pasta is sticky, mix it with a ladle of water used for cooking pasta. 

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