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Mini pandoro truffles (Christmas)

These truffles are perfect for all events... Your guests will fall in love with them!

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Difficult: low
Cooking time: //
Preparation time: 30 minuti
Add time: //

Ingredients (for 25 truffles):
400 g of pandoro;
1 small glass of limoncello;
100 ml of cream;
1 small spoon of orange peel;
60 ml of cream;
60 g of dark chocolate;
Pistachio nuts q.b.;
Sweetened cocoa powder.

Crumble the pandoro (1), boil the 60 ml of cream and melt the chocolate (2). Add the pandoro, the 100 ml of cream, limoncello, the grated orange peel, then mix (3).

Make some small balls with the mixture (4)-(5), then cover them with the sweetened cocoa powder (6).

Spill the melted chocolate on the truffles (7). Crumble the pistachio nuts (8) and put them on the balls (9).

Conservazione: in frigorifero, consumare entro due giorni.

If you want non-halcoholic truffles, put a mix of water and sugar into the mixture insted the limoncello.

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