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Cinnamon heart (Saint Valentine's Day)

A small cinnamon heart is perfect for Saint Valentine's Day!
Difficult: low
Cooking time: 17 minutes
Preparation time: 20 minutes
Add time: //

Ingredients (for 6 biscuits):
25 g of almonds;
25 g of sugar cane;
12 g of flour 00';
1 egg white;
15 g of butter;
Lemon juice;

Mix the almonds into the mixer with the sugar, put into a bowl the flour, an half of spoon of cinnamon and a little bit of salt. Beat the egg whites until foamy with 3 drops of lemon juice and put slowly the almonds mixture, mixing from the  
bottom to the top (1), then add the melted butter. Onto the bake paper form with a spoon 6 circle biscuits (2), then bake at 180°C for about 17 minutes. With an heart mold form the biscuits.     

Conservation: consume them until a week and conserve them in a dry place.

We recommend you to add the biscuit into the white chocolate mousse (click here).

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